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About Pragati Group - Pragati Green Living
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The Pragati Group

Living surrounded by Nature!

The Pragati Group is a Hyderabad-based group of companies with initiatives in the field of eco-tourism, hospitality, realty, steel, herbal products, herbs and plants, dairy and naturopathy sectors, with the complete focus on being ecological friendly and Green. We aim at bringing the good of ancient India to meet modern living.

We at the Pragati Group take life as an eternal blessing. Being born as humans is a responsibility. Holding a vision of better future ahead, we are on a mission to prove role models in protecting Mother Earth and living in harmony with Nature for as long as possible - one small piece of land at a time.

In our quest, we have dug deep into the ancient Indian methods - only to re-discover that they are the most ecologically correct ones. We also kept in mind the greatly improved quality of the modern times. Taking 'Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam' to its closest realisation today, we have combined ancient and modern seamlessly and created localised eco-systems where you could live in complete harmony with nature - through natural practices along with most of the advantages of this day.

The Pragati Group welcomes you all to come and live this heavenly experience.


To create innovative and economically viable garden cities, where every individual in the world enjoys abundance of nature.

To create an ecologically balanced environment to inspire every individual to become socially responsible to create systems and new technology to sustain and maintain garden cities.

Core Values
Joy, Abundance, Balance, Social Responsibility and Innovation.


Mr. GBK Rao
Mr GBK Rao, our Chairman and Managing Director, is the founding life-force behind Pragati. He was born into an agricultural family of Repalle, Guntur Dist., Andhra Pradesh. A Mechanical Engineering by training, a successful Design Engineer by talent and an entrepreneur by inclination, he established his first venture, known as Mech Fab Engineering Works, in 1980 at Pimpri, Pune. He manufactured pressure vessels, dryers, reactors and the likes here, and won many accolades from MNCs for manufacturing large, pressure-resistant shells and high speed steel. Then, there was no looking back. He came back to Andhra Pradesh and gave shape to his great vision through his brain-child, Pragati Resorts, taking over as its Chairman and MD.

Today, he is a member of the Industry Advisory Committee of the Government of Orissa, Confederation of Indian Industries (CII), Indo-American Chambers of Commerce, Tourism Development Committee, Indian Association of Amusement Parks and Industries (IAAPI), Federation of Indian Herbal Industry (FIHI) and many more prestigious associations. He’s known to deliver the most unique talks when he’s invited to do so. Apart from spreading love to humans, nature and animals alike, he is a visionary who is always up to new ventures.

Mrs. GV Kumari
Mrs G V Kumari, Mr GBK Rao’s wife, is not only the woman behind the successful man, but also a passionate business person herself. She went on to study Financial Management while pursuing her post graduate in Commerce. Mrs GV Kumari joins Mr GBK Rao as the Director of the Pragati Group, but even before that she had been his incessant support. Her perfectionist bent of mind complements Mr Rao’s intelligence and passion in a beautiful synergy.

Mr. Ajay Chandra
Mr Ajay Chandra, Pragati’s Joint Managing Director, is the epitome of everything that Pragati stands for. Born to Mrs GV Kumari and Mr GBK Rao, he grew up in an environment rooted in tradition but well-versed with the modern. He is qualified as an Industrial Engineer and chose Australia for his MBA. Equipped with the latest and the global, he joined his parents and followed in their footsteps of returning to his roots. He is known to add the strategic angles to all Pragati initiatives.

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